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I am interested in researching media, materiality, and their properties. My fascination lead me from geological phenomena and their materials, till the potential and possibilities within a fictitious structure that appears in real time and space. I am interested in the relationships and diffractions that occur in the process of structuring a form, be it a moving image, sound, language, or a mixed media installation. In recent years, I has largely dealt with (motion) picture and space beyond it. Seeing film as an incomplete whole, I focuses on creating situations with sculptural cinematographic elements, sounds, text/voice, its articulation, and participants in these choreographies.
I'm looking for poetics in that "other/hidden" layer of the same, and I'm investigating how many possible forms we can find in one thing and how do they show themselves to us. I am fascinated by the materiality of light, the intensity of pixels, the tactility of sound, and the volume of the view, which appear through various choreographies and juxtapositions.


I am the winner of some prominent awards: Recognition (2012) and Award (2014) for outstanding academic achievements at ALUO, an award for an innovative approach to artistic graphics (2015), Prešern Award - University of Ljubljana (2015). In 2017, I participated in the Youth Biennale in Tirana. For my master's thesis, I received the highest distinction, Summa Cum Laude (2017). In 2018, I received the OHO Group Award traveled to New York for a two-month residency, and received a two-year residency at the Creative Center of Switzerland. I received the I-Portunus European mobile award (2019) and was the recipient of the Work Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture (2022). My video works are also included in the DIVA archive (SCCA).
Since 2020, I lives and works between Zagreb and Ljubljana, where I partially moved as one of the participants of the WHW Academy. In 2021, I studied at RESTART (Zagreb), where I perfected my knowledge in the medium of film.

foto: Sanja Bistričić

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