Neža Knez (b.1990) working with relationships, communications, and interactions that arise through the responses of interpersonal relationships in a given time and space. Till 2019 I was working a lot in a public space with different media approaches. For the last two years, my interest lay in the (moving) picture and the space out of it.

How to think these two spaces?

How to combine them?

How to "montage" them?

And how to combine them with the text.

Spread the "film" on the pieces, think the space out of the film, “montage” the physical space with the moving image, static image, objects, voice, words, etc. 

I believe that a work of art or a body cannot be thought of without the space in which it is placed. Even if this is imaginary or real. And I assume the social limits that are given to us and reveal and curve them according to my own ‘humoristic’ logic.


My research is always based on notions beyond the prescribed representation and will, regardless of its form, draw its certainty from its uncertainty. A thorough analysis, thinking, observation and study can transform the perception of reality, and at the same time build a strong physical awareness. The body enables us access to the world with our senses, and it also allows us to experience a diverse spectrum of dimensions and imagination on a certain matter.

In 2014 I graduated in Sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts and Design, where I continues master’s program. For my thesis, I received the Summa Cum Laude (2017). I had participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad and had received several awards, including the Award of Ministry of Culture, European Mobile Award (I-Portunus - Goethe Institut), UL ALUO Recognition and UL ALUO Award for exceptional student achievements, the award for an innovative approach to graphic arts, the Prešeren Student Award of the University of Ljubljana and the OHO Group Award. I was the recipient of a two-year residency for young artists at the Švicarija Creative Centre and in 2019/20 I was a participant of WHW Academy in Zagreb, 2021/22 I finish School for documentary film (Restart). I live and work between Ljubljana and Zagreb.