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2015, voice installation in a dark room

Sound installation Background in which I am presenting six minutes long audio work, made from seven hours long audio recording I made when being blind. The cuts are divided with a beep which reduces the poetical quality of the work and transforms it into plain documentation of experience.

Sight, hearing, and smell are senses which can function from a distance. They enable us to enter the place where the object of our perception is; somehow we are already there even before approaching it closely.

I am presenting my work to the listener in a darkened room where an audio narration is played – a narration of surrounding sounds, accompanied by my voice. Through the darkened black-box and spatially placed speakers, the recording forces us to perceive sounds we can easily miss or ignore in our daily life: the humming of a computer, distant music, water running from the fauce… And the voice of a person describing the experience of it in different environments or situations. 

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