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Bus station
2019, installation
an object from paper, photos, two quotes (by Bas Ian Ader), voice installation

The subject of my interest is presently a concrete object inside the urban environment, an inherent part of people’s lives, both for those in the cities and those on the periphery – a bus stop. An essential element of public transportation – for some, irrelevant and imperceptible, for others, a functional and indispensable object – is most evidently marked by the concept of waiting. Waiting for the bus is, in terms of economy and its adjoining urgent need for efficiency, something redundant; time spent at the bus station symbolizes the unexploited, the wasted, the unproductive. I position this trivial act of waiting and its nothingness into the center of my interest and muses about its potential eventfulness. What is happening when we are waiting? What can occur during this period?

The conjunctive point of the exhibited work remains the artist’s enthusiasm for the narrative of space, for the interactions that are enabled by it, for the associations that it evokes. The projects are united by the view shifting from the concrete and physical spaces to those other, less visible, metaphorical, and mental landscapes. In this context, the work is tautological, since I employ the same the means I basis again and again – but the end product of her research is different each time.

*text by Anja Guid

In cooperation:

curator Anja Guid 

Production and exhibition:

Žitnjak Gallery

Photo documentation:

Boris Cvjetanović

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