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Here and Now, EXTENDED

Spend a night in Fælleshuset - awake, dreaming - or with a lucid vision? Experience the passing of time in different shapes, speeds, and pictures within the performance.

The four friends drove the YUGO from its birthplace of Kragujevac in Serbia to the USA, where it had once been exported to en masse and where they sold it to a new owner.


“What is this?-The hole.“


Deus ex machina

»Head of the Ninja Turtle – it can zoom, the butterfly wings – we can fly, the ambulance car – so that we are fast, ornaments on the wings – because they are beautiful, the bridge – we can go over the lava or the flood..«


Y? Project


Relation of two movements

Relationships are the paths followed by me and Martina, each time in connection with a different rhythm and space.

Bodies on Pedestals

View on the muscle men and women’s, which are showing its strength, durability, and accomplished technique of lifting, can also transform in view of the dancing figures on pedestals.

Public, intervention, interaction

Fast Art

With a few friends, we cycle from Ljubljana to Celje to deliver a USB key. 
We had a good lunch and fun with padelling.

Other collaborations

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