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What has already happened and where it will happen again (working title)
2020, on-going (long term research - Circulation)
analog and digital mixed media in the shape of installation (texts, voice. objects, moving images, light objects, 3D modeling, animation, 35mm, 16mm film..)

A close person lives for her “Oasis”. She came there because of one Apple tree, and she left because of binoculars. 
But there is no end. Now is not just one, it is many of them. 

She came, came, came, and I want to write about this.

In cooperation:

Cecilija Žibert, Jason Mulhalsen, Maja Pahor, Živa Petrič, curator Nina Skumavc

Production and exhibition:

MOL (City of Ljubljana), Tobačna Gallery

  The flow. 


                                     Slip, Slide, Side.


      Like trees, or water, air, or...

Light, rays, pixels, volume, density, texture, shape, 

which extend from space to space,

from moment to moment,

without a linear path, 


surrendered to chance.

Nothing but circulation in all directions.

All spaces and times, all things, all beings, all entities.

All history and the future, alive, dead, and inanimate.

This, that, that one, is constantly circling. 

It is in constant balance with each other. 

When it touches the sun it passes into the atmosphere

in the form of water vapor. 

It condenses into fog, dew, and clouds. 

Hail, snow, and ice. 

Then it returns. 
It always comes back.

Once in the shape of clay. 

Second water.

Third sky.

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