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When I dream 
I have no doubt.

There is nothing within the 
experience to indicate its materiality.

How imagination and fiction produce, reduce, and influence us.

The possibilities of the space in the (moving) picture and the space out of it.

How to think these two spaces?

How to combine them?

How to montage them? 

New possibilities of thinking about other realities open up, exploring new perspectives of the future, whether they represent something that almost does not exist or cannot be represented otherwise.

Inventing possible spaces and creating objects of imagination.

I find the game between the imaginary, the fictional, and the reality (my body, objects, etc.) exciting. Filming, to build, edit space, create imagination through the facts, and vice versa. And at last, think about the possibilities of the camera/monitor/square and editing: how to speak through the camera, through the image - how to create a story through the medium itself. And in the end the possibilities of the body.

The process raises many questions for me: What is possible? What happens when I wear a “costume”, which opens up some other perspectives for/of my body, position (in society)? And how can a document (real story, object..) become something else through my act of imagination?

Proposals yet to happen (working title)
2020 (on-going)
mixed media in the shape of installation (texts, objects, videos..)
experimental film

Intense conversations about the future raise serious questions about our reality, the present, and the functioning of contemporary society. Those “naively childish” forecasts and solutions open our eyes to the core, to the structure of society and its actions and strategies. What do equality and democracy mean, or we can and should we be different, have hope make sense, what does it mean to rule (to be Deus ex machina), what is victory? And lastly, what is our future? Children’s imagination opens a view of the reality in which we live from another angle. But every gesture depicts the world, and although naive at first glance, it can hide many questions of contemporary issues of society.

I work on conversations, and we make sketches and drawings, scenes, costumes, and objects. Through conversations with children, I will work on the text, which will be used for the film, and from which I will write the script, in which the adults will act. I am interested in what happens during the process of creating film material, playing, questioning, and manipulating it, and placing it in different spaces (physical and virtual - for the eye of the camera).

* more about the research:

In cooperation:

curator Ana Kovačić, WHW Academy, Pangolin

Production and exhibition:

Ministry of culture Slovenia, Miklova Hiša, GMK gallery

Photo documentation:

Jason Muhalsen, Miran Kramar

Suspend disbelief in fiction and blurring.

Don’t tell me the truth, 
open the possibilities of something different.

It can be a lie, 
which happens somewhere else.

Only when I speak I wake up.

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