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Here and Now, EXTENDED
2022, durational performance(22.00pm - 05.42am)
Concept Sonja Pregrad; in collaboration with Neža Knez, Lea Anić, Ivna Franić

Spend a night in Fælleshuset - awake, dreaming - or with a lucid vision? Experience the passing of time in different shapes, speeds, and pictures within the performance.

Experience the community in the quiet and suspended time. A performance for the duration of a whole night. A film from the forest, a slow dance of wax and the body, a poem about the passing of time, a drag performance, a selection of sundowns and daybreaks, a playlist of the songs for the time in-between. An invitation to you, your friends, colleagues, strangers, to spend the night in a different state of mind. Go in and out. Be next to other people. See. Eat. Sleep. Soften. Sharpen your sensitivity.


In cooperation:

with Tarnby festival (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Lea, Ivna, Neža and Sonja are a loose collective formed around this work: they work across different media and geographies, they’ve already collaborated on other projects, and are friends. Sonja has a dance background, with a focus on objecthood and sensuousness, and is involved in a number of self-organized platforms and events related to performing arts in Zagreb. Ivna is a writer, music and cultural critic, and DJ who has contributed to independent media and organized experimental music events across different venues in Zagreb and Copenhagen. Lea is a visual artist whose practice revolves around tangible manifestations of the invisible and everyday echoes of socio-political context, as well as art education and the methods of transferring knowledge. Neža’s interest lays in the (moving) picture and the space around it –  combining them with objects and voice, she creates different environments of sensations.

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