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2015, 10 days blinded, installation
10 days blinded, objects, drawings, diary, voice installation, handwriting text

I make myself not to see for ten days (24 hours per day), thereby trying to enter the other dimension of perception of the world around me. I realize that with our ability to see we are detached from space and objects; we feel them only superficially. When confronted with »blindness« our body and everything around us feels different. We start to construct space from the beginning and build some sort of an »interior« space. This interior space is full of places we have inhabited not only with our bodies but also with our touch, smell, and hearing. I eliminate completely my field of vision, by that awaken my other senses, and then enter the space, see how my perception of it changes and how my senses react.

With this work, I am trying to move the viewer towards my experience of “blindness“. I am placing the viewer in front of documents of my experience and simultaneously create conditions in which my project becomes a story. I am not trying to represent or illustrate the experience of blindness, I try to present my “blindness” only.

I got acquainted again with known and familiar places but experienced them with other senses. I cannot be blind the way blind people are and the viewer cannot be blind as I was. The blindness of the blind people, my blindness, and the blindness of the viewer is not the same, it doesn’t want to be the same and by no means can be the same. The project is opening the field of difference between the actual blindness, the experience of blindness, and the materialization of it. Assuming only one correct interpretation would be a failure.

Three different portraits made without seeing the person portrayed. One is based only on touching the person, one on memorizing it, and one after an audio description of its looks. 64 pages long visual diary, filled with hand drawings and notes and drawings on paper. Diary, made using the Descriptive Experience Sampling method. For 24 days (7 days before and after “blindness” and 10 days during it) my alarm clock rang 10 times per day to remind of describing the inner experience of the present situation – space, people, surrounding sounds.

In cooperation:

SCCA Center for Contemporary Arts (World of Art)


SCCA Center for Contemporary Arts


ŠKUC Gallery

Photo documentation:

SCCA Center for Contemporary Arts

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