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Paradoxes of the same(Not that there, but this here)
2021, installation
plaster heads, drawings, lenses + light, voice, video, book

One of them description,
One touch,
One memory,
Each slightly larger, or slightly smaller than the other.

In cooperation:

curator Olga Majcen Linn 

Production and exhibition:

VN gallery

Photo documentation:

Neža Knez, VN gallery

A series of exercises in the performance of classical artistic motifs (portraits and nudes) during which the author temporarily deprived herself of the sense of sight. For a period of ten days, she wears tinted glasses that block all light sources and produces artificial blindness.
By removing visual information, the author of the form approaches in the domain of touch, through the description, leaning on someone else’s gaze; she uses the vision of a colleague in a nude drawing class who ask her to give her instructions on the model’s pose, translating the image into speech and the speech back into the image. In busts, the focus of the work is gathered in the effort of training the sculptural art, which by thinking and testing a realistic representation for the basic means suggests tactility, ie the sense of touch. In order to transform it into the material, Knez approaches the information about the volume and shape of the heads she models in three ways. By description, touch, and memory.

The busts are hollow, plaster copies obtained by casting. The qualities of texture, material, but also poses take on the role of visual language for a while and rearrange themselves in space as objects of imagination.
They are followed by the light component of the current exhibition in the VN gallery, with which the author intervenes in the original material after a time lag. It uses optical lenses to repurpose relevant and necessary information from images. This makes a break in the line of narrative, which, like obstacles in space, raises the question:

How to create a relationship?

 *the exhibition text by Niki Pećarina

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