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Predictions and reality
2020, installation
flying object, video, 9 statements (on the glass and chewing gum)

These statements, displayed on and around the gallery space, are reactions on video documentation of my collaborative work Deus ex machina, in which children speak about a machine they made and which can fly and rich the sky.

The concept of flying and imagination is always with me and I can't wait when my dreams will come true.

In cooperation:

WHW Academy (curators Ana Dević, Ana Kovačić)

Production and exhibition:

Gallery Nova

Photo documentation:

Damir Žižić

Imagine flying.

Imagine reaching the sky.

Imagine to disappear.

Imagine to be in many places at once.

Imagine exploding.

Imagine erasing yourself.

Imagine impossible.

Imagine a moment of truth.

It is very possible that incredible things will happen.

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