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Proposals and Experiments
2022 (on-going)
mixed media in the shape of installation (texts, objects, video animation..)
experimental film

In cooperation:

curator Mojca Grmek

Production and exhibition:

Ministry of culture Slovenia, Hiša kulture Pivka

The central theme of the project is the exploration of different ways of perceiving and understanding the world, which takes place in the relationship between adults and children. In various ways, the artist confronts adults with a child's view of the world and observes what happens in this - how they react to it, struggle with it, try to empathize with it, etc. Within this framework, he also focuses on more general issues, such as the relationship between different levels of reality, crossing the boundaries between reality, fiction and the imaginary, researching interactions and communications in a certain space and time, etc. Neža approaches these questions with the help of film language, where he experiments with transitions between documented and acted elements, expression and articulation, amateur and professional subject performativity, etc., as well as by exploring the possibilities offered by animation.

*text: Mojca Grmek

At the exhibition in the House of Culture, the artist presents a part of the project in the form of a multimedia installation, which dramaturgically adapts to the specifics of the gallery space. The gallery, which has three interconnected rooms, can be entered through two entrances, the first or the last room, and the exhibition is arranged in such a way that it is read differently from each side. If the viewers enters the first, a child's view of the world is first revealed to them, and if they enters the last, the created fantasy worlds. Both rooms are dramaturgically connected by the middle, where reality and fiction, inspiration and creation, potential and realization meet...

*text: Mojca Grmek

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