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Proposals and experiments
experimental film, 14, 13min






What it means is learning, dealing with the new, the strange, listening and articulating. What tells us about amateur performance and how it shapes expressions that disappear with professionalization.
The film re-examines the boundaries between documentary, feature, and experimental elements that are intertwined both with each other and in the relationship in front of and behind the camera - the relationship of the cameraman and cameras, the relationship of the cameraman and the filmed, the filmed and the cameraman.
Before the filming, I had intense conversations about the future with children (6-10 years old). The workshops raise serious questions about our reality, the present, and the functioning of contemporary society.  Children’s imagination opens a view of the reality in which we live from another angle. But every gesture depicts the world, and although naive at first glance, it can hide many questions about contemporary issues of society.

Production: Restart

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