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We are walking in advance determined map drawing of our direction in a rhythm dictated by the counting of steps. The drawing becomes performative when the authors simultaneously set off on a journey.

In one case my path starts from home (Pod Turnom 4, Ljubljana) toward the gallery Zelenica and is copied into Martina's path from home (Pannierstraße 15, Berlin) into the unknown.

Our walks are present in the gallery space via the Internet connection at the same time, or more precisely - our views (of the outside space) and voices are on display to visitors.

We offer > real-time < insight into our performative practice of counting steps and our contact with surroundings through camera footage.

In another case, written numbers on the pillar (in a gallery space) and the voice are an image of our way from home (both in Ljubljana) to the gallery space. Work is one of the attempts of our walk, which is determined by our voices. Dual, which starts at the same time it becomes visible through our entry into the gallery space, then through a gesture of writing steps and with an exit from the gallery.

Relations of two movements
2017 - (ongoing), different walking researches
in collaboration with Martina Jurak

Relationships are the paths followed by me and Martina, each time in connection with a different rhythm and space. During the performance, a walk alignment of two bodies happens. That becomes a form of controlled movement research; by voice (that counts steps) which dictates the movement of the body. 

By following our bodies, we want to open the questions of relations (relations of differences);

Neža - Martina, City1 - City2, body - surroundings, voice - movement,

reality - projection, street - gallery

In cooperation:

with Martina Jurak

Thanks to:

Danilo Milovanović and Tatiana Kocmur (Gallery Zelenica), Equrna Gallery

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