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Searching for a meaning
2020, performance
15min every day - the exhibition was closed because Covid 19


The way we communicate in these new situations bring us new terms and views of relations, communication, interactions, etc. What is our language today, and what can be? What can these new dimensions bring to us? How we can express ourselves in long-distance communication. Are “unspoken” tensions of touch, care for others, and desire to make contact with the new obligations which bring us paradoxes of everyday expression/ meaning?

In cooperation:

WHW Academy (curators Ana Dević, Ana Kovačić)

Production and exhibition:

Gallery Nova

Photo documentation:

Damir Žižić

I am interested when my gesture becomes a touch, tension, (inter)action? What happens when everyday gestures are put to an artistic context? And try to catch many perspectives of the situation, discovering a whole realm of meaning in one single gesture? What could be expressed with the simple waving gesture from inside space to the outdoor world? Is there an answer or question for these distracted moments and private sensations that are difficult to share with others? Or is it just a failed communication?

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