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This is(not) a walking piece
2016, public walking
4 days walking, handwritten text on the wall

This work is a reaction to the relocation of the exhibition of nominees for OHO award. It is made by walking from Ljubljana (where I live) to Maribor (UGM gallery).

The experience of walking is not only a matter of theory, it avoids external presentation. The walk is now only a memory and this incapability of spectator’s insight into my personal experience has its own aesthetic value. Work is not fixed in history as a document but is somehow placed in life itself. There is no transition of experience, which is exactly what should be presented here, but is intentionally missing! Instead of an expected presentation of what I made, I arrange what is closer to experience and does not only allude it. This statement rebuts itself, plays with opposites like: yes – no, here – there, visible – invisible, personal experience – representation… When talk about that not representing – with this negative statement already represents something: my thought, caused by my walking.


UGM Gallery


Text on the wall:


There is no representation here because with every documentation of experience we disguise the authentic one experience. Deceiving images, filled with (visual) meanings, are not experienced world or my own experience, but only an image of it.

What is seen or experienced is always first and before what is visible/will be on view.

But, isn’t this statement already a representation of something?

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