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At the interdisciplinary performance and installation "Paralelna pretakanja," artists explore the intertwining of senses and processes beyond our control, yet constantly present within ourselves and around us. They are interested in various materials undergoing transformation, duration, and shaping, unfolding before the audience's eyes. Through the performance, they draw attention to the usually hidden processes of creation that visitors encounter upon entering the space. The installation in the gallery space is activated and transformed into a space of experience through the live performance.


Parallel flows #2
wax and resin objects, electronic, sound, light object, 16mm film, 35mm film, digital live projection, live text


In cooperation:


Production and exhibition:

Ministry of Culture Slovenia, The city municipality of Ljubljana,

Photo/video documentation:

Tina Glavić Novak


*Excerpts from the performance:


"Similar underbrush, thorns, trees, similar sounds, and different paths created by the same stream convey something I hadn't noticed before and give me reasons to start thinking about this space on a macro level; I begin to record and dissect it. Gradually, I bring things from the external space into the studio and experiment with them, observing what happens and is created through this process. I begin to focus on micro-changes happening before our eyes."


During the performance, the audience witnesses the sonic shaping of various material processes manipulated by the artists on the spot. Creating an electro-acoustic sonic and visual backdrop, utilizing materials such as beeswax, resin, fire, water, flowers, celluloid film, and electronic components, they explore their relationships and properties. Through this work, they delve into their fascination with nature and the mechanics, kinetics, and light properties. In addition to the mentioned elements, the performance and installation also contain a narrative layer that involves the flow of subjectivity, playing with duality through frequent shifts in narrative levels and language registers.

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