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The exhibition represents the current phase of a long-time artistic and research project of the visual artist Neža Knez, which will eventually be condensed into an experimental film. By researching a specific space – her aunt’s former plot in the middle of a forest with abundant vegetation – and delving into childhood memories and experiences, the artist investigates the intertwining of memory and the passing of time. She experiments with materials and records the organic memory and the chemical-physical imprints that plants and objects leave on film in phytograms and photograms.

The exhibition intervenes in space with a kinetic installation of an expanded film projector. The artist focuses on experimenting with the materiality of analogue mechanisms and organic processes that evoke images, light and sound from the film strip. More than in the actual film image, the magic of film is manifested in revealing the process of the complex mechanical structure of image production.

*Vesna Bukovec


Analogue Diffractions #1
analogue 16mm film loop, 35mm film, 3 canal voice installation

In cooperation:

curator Vesna Bukovec and Peter Cerovšek

Production and exhibition:

SCCA Project Room, V-FX film Festival

Photo documentation:

Asiana Jurca Avci

*Sound and video will be available soon.


Neža Knez’s art practice is characterised by researching the characteristics and questioning the appearance and materiality of images while documenting reality. She constantly checks the existence of things that she shows to us in her works through their object characteristics. She examines, re-interprets, intervenes in and disturbs the seen. She thinks about the quality of representation techniques and wonders about the reliability of perception and understanding. She plays with uncertainty that hides in the seen and the heard, in materiality, corporeality and time.

Through the optical laws of the travelling and diffraction of light, which also illuminates the areas of shadow, the spatial installation Analogue Diffractions #1 experiments with staging and reifying elusive childhood feelings and memories. These enigmatic images and sounds are not the linear narrative or metaphor that we are used to from fiction films and literature. By intertwining several abstract projected moving and static images, she creates non-verbal poetry of sensory perceptions.

The images were not recorded by a camera, they are chemical traces left by plants on the surface of film. Fleeting moments of the encounters between organic substances and the materiality of film stock have left random traces and abstract images. The artist used plants from the place where her memories of her first genuine contacts with a forest and wild vegetation originate. By using the phytogram technique, she managed to get on film not only images, but also the sound created by vegetation.

*Vesna Bukovec


The rustling and crackling of plant sounds is accompanied by the intensified sounds of the operating of a film projector. With this installation, she at the same time exhibits, deconstructs and plays with the ways of eliciting image and sound from film, slides and the projection apparatus itself. The artist writes that the reproduction and representation techniques in the installation are set so that it cannot be ascertained whether the patterns belong to the image or its support. By equally accepting both the positive and the negative, she invites us not to renounce new views. With constant repetition, duplication, copying and showing the same thing in a different way, the original and the copy lose their identity. They become a stream of textured light, sound recordings and film perforation that constantly change and thereby become new originals.

The spatial site-specific installation in the SCCA Project Room is a result of a running process of editing 16mm film and constructing a projection structure with elements already present in the space. The artist calls it an experimental poetic hybrid that questions itself, produces images and sounds that multiply, repeat, dance and point to themselves – all the time, in an infinite loop.

*Vesna Bukovec

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