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Fast art
2020 - public action/performance + video installation 

with: Danilo Milovanović


Thanks to:

Terry Žeželj, Ivana Vogrinc Vidali, Blaž Pavlica, Cirkulacija2

In cooperation:

Tal Gilad, Danilo Milovanović

Production and exhibition:

Center for Contemporary art Celje

Photo documentation:

Danilo Milovanović

On the same day, during the ride, Tal Gilad wrote the text about the project, which I see as part of the work (like immediate reaction on the live stream) that you can find here:

Fast art is an intermedia art piece created in collaboration with Danilo Milovanović. We were invited to create a work related to the topic of a journey, for the show Always & Forever, curated by Tal Gilad.

Firstly, we prepared an installation including a training bicycle, the dynamo that collects the energy produced by the user, a midi transformer, and software that controls the opacity of the playing video. So, depending on how fast you turn the pedals, the video is more or less visible. The second step of the work was performative cycling from Ljubljana to Celje (75km) on the day of the exhibition opening (Sept 11th). The whole journey was live-streamed on the FB Gallery page. On the way, we recorded the video for the installation, edited it just before the opening, and delivered it to the gallery at the exhibition opening. An interactive installation got completed with the delivered video. The title of the work relates to fast food delivery service on a bike that developed in Slovenia during the last couple of years and the fast production which is well known in the art world.

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