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Imagination, Contemplation, Shark

Big thanks to all the kids, WHW Academy, GMK Gallery, Pogon Jedinstvo, Ana Dević, Ana Kovačić, Hupa Brajdič, Miklova Hiša, Hiša kulture Pivka, Studio Pangolin, Restart.

The research is supported by:


Grad Zagreb (Croatia)

Ministy of Culture (Slovenia)


Studio Pangolin

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Presented drafts, sketches, excerpts, cuts, collages, etc. were created in cooperation with children (6-10 years) - with whom I talk and make potential objects that will save the world. Till now the workshops was held in Zagreb (GMK Gallery, Pogon Jedinstvo), Ljubljana (Tabor - with the collective Hupa Brajdič), Ribnica (Miklova Hiša), NYC (wit the curator Ayelet Danielle Aldouby).

Till now:

- camera: Jason Mullhausen, Pavel Penev

- actors: Pavel Penev, Mia Martinović, Eva Marija Jurešič, Maja Miloš, Matej Salacan

- tehnical help: Maja Pahor


Collage texts, videos, and objects are materials for research/sketches for an experimental film in which objects and their natural habitats (determined by children) will be the main protagonists and where adults will be the protagonists in the new possible worlds.


I understand the first in terms of the second, and the third as the potential of the illegible.

Intense conversations about the future raise serious questions about our reality, the present, and the functioning of contemporary society. Those “naively childish” forecasts and solutions open our eyes to the core, to the structure of society and its actions and strategies. What do equality and democracy mean, or we can and should we be different, have hope make sense, what does it mean to rule (to be Deus ex machina), what is victory? And lastly, what is our future? Children’s imagination opens a view of the reality in which we live from another angle. But every gesture depicts the world, and although naive at first glance, it can hide many questions of contemporary issues of society.

I work on conversations, and we make sketches and drawings, scenes, costumes, and objects. Through conversations with children, I will work on the text, which will be used for the film, and from which I will write the script, in which the adults will act. I am interested in what happens during the process of creating film material, playing, questioning, and manipulating it, and placing it in different spaces (physical and virtual - for the eye of the camera).

Close your eyes,

and Imagine

Where Dreams

can be


The only logical conclusion.


A) What will we do today?
B) What would you like to do?
C) They told me we were going to save the world.
B) How?
D) Wait, wait. First we need to make a plan.
A) Yes, yes. The plan is important.

C) It is difficult for me to explain how we can save the world. And it will be easier when I draw!
B) I don't believe we can save the world. You need a lot of money for that.
A) How much?
B) A lot.
A) And how much is that?
B) I don't know.

E) In the beginning, people lived in caves, without electricity. Then they trained the brain and came up with Nikola Tesla. And then forward to other people like this, who gave us this world.
A) Yes, yes! So we should think about the past and the people in the caves.
C) Why?
A) This is the only way we can believe in good things in reality.
C) How?
E) So. We need to show that we can move forward toward joy and goodness, without the thief of snobbery.
B) Yes. And if the first man didn't exist, we wouldn't exist either!

For all transkript watch here: 

EN.                        HR.                        SLO.



Marija Simat, Sven Sirić, Tin Dožić, Lana Hosni, Sonja Pregrad


Mia Martinović, Eva Marija Jurešič, Maja Miloš, Matej Salacan

Suspend disbelief in fiction.


It happens somewhere else.

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