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Studies of space 2#
2019, installation
plaster objects, foto collages, drawings on the wall

With the help of anti-collages with cut-out images, casts of objects, and art-architectural graphite drawing of buildings, which she observes during her working hours at a gallery institution, she aesthetically places a sense of boredom and emptiness at the centre of interest. Boredom puts the previously invisible in focus, as it opens the space to the challenge of the void that is the future content space. In this project, as in many others, she seeks inspiration from outside the art world. By making a synthesis from two supposedly separate worlds, she focuses her attention on the transience of the boundary between (her) life and art, which has been raising controversy in the general public for decades. In her creative practice, she usually incorporates diverse groups of people in a spontaneous and unobtrusive way and blurs the boundaries between being professionally involved in the arts and the profane. The conceptual designs of her projects have already been contributed by residents of retirement homes, children, and random passers-by. This time, too, one part of the art installation – wall painting – was done by another person.

*text by Ana Grobler, Sebastjan Krawczyk

In cooperation:

curator Ana Grobler, Sebastjan Krawczyk (Alkatraz gallery)

Production and exhibition:

ŠKUC Gallery

Photo documentation:

Bojan Mijatović

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