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2017, performance
reading a book in the library (Milano)
2018, installation
text, notes, numbers, objects, voice installation

Performance is a presentation of research, which led me to the question of misunderstanding (reading in the Italian language, which I do not understand in Milano library). With this verbal “non-sense“, I try to make the listener think beyond the language heard. Intangible is related to different forms – illusions. With this performance, I am interested in the endurance of participation. How long they are willing to stay polite with receiving misunderstanding information. When it comes to the point of collapse of the listener or when they start to think beyond the words, which opens discussion on a different level. The voice enables the speech and at the same time, it’s like a hole in speech. This voice is beyond meaning, which unable something symbolic. I could say that the less we hear, the more we want to hear. This pure voice reduces the letter and there is seen life itself. It wasn’t authorized by the law of the letter, but it was the law itself, which is crowding out normal law.

In cooperation:

BJCEM, Mediterranean landscapes residency, Hiša Kulture Pivka


Mediterranean landscapes residency: Marco Trulli, Pelagica (Laura Lecce and Fabrizio Vatieri), Mojca Grmek


Galley House of Culture Pivka

Photo documentation:

Leon Zuodar

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